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For many homeowners, a gas furnace is the best home heating option. These systems are highly effective, combusting natural gas to heat air, which is then distributed through the ductwork of your home. While natural gas is an affordable fuel source, if you want to keep energy costs low, you will also need the right system in your home. At A To Z Heating And Air, we offer many furnaces with multi-speed and variable features. This can enhance your indoor comfort by slowly adjusting blower settings rather than constantly running at full speed. This will alleviate the “cold air blow” that is typical with single speed furnaces.

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Not only will upgrading to a system that uses eco-friendly refrigerant minimize your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money on your monthly energy bills. With the EPA phasing out the use of certain refrigerants in the coming years, there is no better time to upgrade to an energy-efficient central air conditioning system. Not only refrigerant but Energy Efficiency rating and fan speed can affect your carbon footprint. A To Z Heating And Air can assist you with determining which of these factors are important to you and your family.

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Whole-home humidifiers augment home comfort by adding moisture into indoor, circulating air. The right level of humidification can offer a wealth of benefits to your family, including more comfortable living conditions, less household static, and possible prevention of common illnesses. There are several humidifier options available, and by selecting the right one, you will get all these great benefits at the lowest possible cost. To select the right humidifier for your home, you will need to analyze the Gallons per Day (GPD) rating. Contact us at A To Z Heating And Air today and let us help you find the right system for your family.